Our Store

We carry premium raw, canned and dry canine and feline diets along with wholesome treats, toys and supplements. Also, to help navigate the many brands, ingredients, calories and food label mysteries, we provide guidance and 

information, healthy weight expert advice and continuing support.

Visit our store in South Elgin, to brows our wholesome food offerings,

OR shop online for in-store or curb-side pickup.

We ask for your patience as we continue to refine our new online store and add items to our inventory.

Due to increased demand, temporary stock outages may occur. If your order contains an item that is

currently out of stock, we will call and provide you with substitutions, order times or refund options.

Please call us with any questions @ 630-883-0700.

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Our Philosophy

The Puddle's food selections focus on two concepts:


1) Fresh is Best! We believe all beings have the opportunity to thrive when given the “species-appropriate” diet their bodies are intended to consume. For canines and felines, this is a fresh,  meat-based diet with a small amount of fruits and vegetables. This type of diet allows all systems to function at optimal levels.


2) Variety is the Spice of Life and is important for health. It is best not to feed your pet the same thing every single day. Therefore, we offer frozen, canned and dry food products that are easily rotated among our brands and offer a wide variety of proteins and ingredients.


If you do not see a particular brand or protein in our

store, we can order it! We place weekly orders. 

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Our Promise

We believe that it is our responsibility as humans to provide our pets with the best quality of life possible. That starts with proper nutrition. With that philosophy, comes our strong dedication and commitment to carry

brands that provide transparent information concerning sourcing, processing and ingredients.

The food choices you make for your canines and felines may be influenced

by many factors. We can help you make choices for your dog or cat that

you are happy with; choices that will help your animals to thrive!


We promise that our brand selections will never include:

Food or treats from China

No chemical preservatives

No corn, wheat or soy

No by-products


Some of Our Brands

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